[ RadSafe ] RE: gamma calibration source

alstonchris at netscape.net alstonchris at netscape.net
Wed Oct 5 16:36:23 CDT 2005


It might be cheaper to send it to someone like J.L.Shepherd and Associates, and ask them to replace the source.  On the other hand, if you wanted to step up to a portable calibrator with some real output (the Model 773's are limited to a nominal initial loading of 165 mCi, I think), say, 300-3000 mCi, maybe JL or Isotope Products Labs would give you trade-in value towards a new one.  Please let us know what you decide, and why.


P.S.  Ask for Mary, at Shepherd.

Roger Thuma <rthum at ksu.edu> wrote:
>Our TechOps gamma calibrator (for survey meters) is getting quite old 
>and we are looking to buy a replacement.  If anyone has recently 
>purchased one and is willing to share info, we need vendors and 
>approximate costs so we can work up a proposal.

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