[ RadSafe ] Nuclear Energy Advocates See Bright Future

Dimiter Popoff didi at tgi-sci.com
Mon Oct 10 15:51:06 CDT 2005

obviously I agree with what you say. I would only claim that todays world
is not just addicted to oil, oil is food rather than a drug for todays civilization
(an unfortunate fact, to be sure - with an obvious remedy for anyone on
ths list...). I don't know how bad a "cold turkey" is, but I believe it can
be survived, which I doubt would be the case with us if we wake up
tomorrow with no oil available at all...


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>  >Soaring oil prices and new data on global warming -- brought into sharp
>  focus by devastating hurricanes in the United States -- have heated up
>  the nuclear debate and outraged the environmental lobby, which says
>  nuclear power is not the answer.
>  Environmentalists are outraged, as more nuclear sources of energy are
>  clearly on the near horizon. SUV owners are dumping their huge vehicles
>  for smaller, more fuel efficient vehicles. Why is this man (a life-long
>  Toyota owner) smiling? :)
>  Seriously, though, this is a very classic silver lining. I know this
>  list is not about oil issues, but it is high time that the world got off
>  its butt and got more fuel efficient cars and got off its oil addiction.
>  At the same time, a revolution in nuclear power will make the world a
>  cleaner, safer place. Yes, safer. We are at a major crossroads in
>  worldwide energy policy, and a far better, cleaner, safer future is
>  tantalizingly within reach.
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