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Thu Oct 13 11:56:01 CDT 2005

CARE, Citizens Against a Radioactive Environment, in its  monthly newsletter,
 notifies of workshop, "Got Plutonium - Livermore Lab", "Dinner and two Explosive Movies
at UC Berkeley", etc

Yes, I have several patients and friends who, since college 40 years ago, have a passion 
for ridding the world of the evil of radiation and are blind to data that would reduce their Cause.
Much less will many liberals concede that Reagan's SDI and nuclear retaliation strength probably saved us from either Russian-like lives or from nuclear holocaust wiping out most Americans. These fears perpetuate the nano-Curie removal industry
Howard Long

John Jacobus <crispy_bird at yahoo.com> wrote:
Thanks for the posting. 

What I was asking is do you know personally know of
anyone who has a fear of chronic low level ionizing
radiation. That is, a friend, family member, or

I believe that we associate with people who are like
ourselves. If you read, have a college education, and
a good job, you will associate yourself with like
individuals. I really do not know of anyone who truly
fears radiation, but I read about them all the time. 
I wonder where they all are? In Germany? 

I assume that the article you quote from is not from a
publication that you normally read. Of course we have
similar publications in the United States. We are
just more taken with celebrities


--- Rainer.Facius at dlr.de wrote:

> Some time ago John Jacobus asked me in the context
> of Chernobyl's Reduced Impact:
> "Do you know of anyone who has a fear of chronic low
> level ionizing radiation exposure?"
> Here is the n+1. example of (German) lunatic
> radiophobia - or is it radiophobic lunacy? - again
> in the context of Chernobyl:
> "Flüchtlinge in Weißrussland: Asyl im verstrahlten
> Niemandsland"
> ("Refugees in Belorussia: Asylum in the
> 'verstrahlten' No-man's-land")
> As I stated previously, I know of no way to convey
> the meaning of this word "verstrahlt" as a German
> layman will absorb it. "Overexposed to radiation"
> would be a phrase which approaches its technical
> content to some extent. The German layman will more
> likely assimilate this title as: Asylum in
> Radiation-Death-Valley.
> The story:
> The Belorussian dictator Lukashenko plans to get rid
> of unwanted refugees from Afghanistan by deporting
> them to the Gomel district, a region which counts
> among the areas most heavily contaminated by the
> Chernobyl accident. Of cause, these poor people are
> doomed.
> The facts:
> While it is true that the Gomel district belongs to
> the three most heavily contaminated areas, the
> remainder of the truth is that by the year 2000 the
> total (external+internal) annual radiation exposure
> of people living in the Gomel-Bryansk area was well
> below 1 to 2 mSv, a fraction of the natural exposure
> of people living in the Massif Central or in
> Cornwall.
> Hille R, Hill P, Heineman K, Ramzaev V, Barkovski A,
> Konoplia V, Neth R, Current development of the human
> and environmental contamination in the Bryansk-Gomel
> spot after the Chernobyl accident. Radiation and
> Environmental Biophysics 39(2000)99-109
> Yet, who cares about facts. Phobia (Angst) sells!
> Rainer

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