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Part of  the problem is how to go about talking to the public.  For example, 
I  have been told by many media experts that we should not be "educating" the  
public, rather we should be "informing" them. "Educating" in this context is  
perceived as demeaning, as if non-radiation protection people are stupid or  
ignorant.  Communicating effectively and respectfully is key. Just my two  
cents worth.

I've heard this before from others, and I still can't quite buy into  it.  As 
(I think) Floyd pointed out, I wouldn't feel demeaned by a surgeon  
"educating" me about surgical techniques, surgical risks, etc.  I don't  really 
understand why anyone would feel demeaned by the offer of education on a  topic they 
have not studied.  Health physics is a relatively rare and  unusual scientific 
specialty, and in order to really gain insight into the  actual risks 
associated with radiation exposure, one really needs to have spent  a significant 
amount of time studying the various topical areas that comprise  the field of 
health physics.  There is nothing wrong with not knowing  everything.  In fact, 
if one thinks one does know everything, there's  probably something seriously 
Barbara L. Hamrick, CHP, JD

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