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If you dig deeply enough when you see the letters, "DU" you will always strike Rokke and Traprock!!! Strange  stuff, see extracted sample below, and judge for yourself:

Ed Battle

Under the economic embargo imposed by the United Nations Security Council in 1990 and upgraded the following year, Iraq is denied equipment and expertise to decontaminate its battlefields. The US army physicist responsible for cleaning up Kuwait was Professor Doug Rokke. Today he is also a victim. 'I have 5000 times the recommended level of radiation in my body. The contamination was right throughout Iraq and Kuwait. With the munitions testing and preparation in Saudi Arabia, uranium contamination covered the entire region. What we're seeing now -- respiratory problems, kidney problems, cancers -- are the direct result of the use of this highly toxic material. The controversy over whether or not it's the cause is a manufactured one. My own ill health is testament to that.' 

Professor Rokke says there are two urgent issues to be confronted by people, 'those with a sense of right and wrong'. First, the decision by the United States and Britain to use a 'weapon of mass destruction' such as depleted uranium. He said: 'In the Gulf war, well over 300 tonnes were fired. An A-10 Warthog attack aircraft fired over 900,000 rounds. Each individual round was 300 grams of solid uranium 238. When a tank fired its shells, each round carried over 4500 grams of solid uranium. Moreover, we have evidence to suggest they were mixed with plutonium. What happened in the Gulf was a form of nuclear warfare.

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