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Wilson Robert H PSNS wilsonr at psns.navy.mil
Thu Oct 27 13:25:23 CDT 2005

They already have a "Bunker Buster" using conventional explosives, and it is
not a very far reach to extend that to a nuclear explosive device.  Seems to
me just a matter of matching the yield to the intended victim or target.

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I'm not sure what fundamental laws you a referring too but from the 
newspapers I've read, the project is continuing but with high explosive 


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> Jaro,
>    My opposition to the "bunker buster" weapon development has nothing to
> do with its potential effects, or its potential utility as a weapon. I
> simply doubt that it would ever work, and object to spending 
> multi-megabucks
> on a project that would require finding an exception to the fundamental 
> laws
> of physics.     Jerry

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