AW: [ RadSafe ] Dirty Bomb Material Report?

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I had a phone call last week from a guy who wanted to know about selling
the H-3 exit signs on eBay. He had about 20 of them and wanted to know
the relative hazard. He found my name through Radsafe. Anyway, that's
about 200 Ci of H-3 going for sale to John Q. Public if he didn't heed
my advice about returning them to the mfgr.

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A few check sources is nothing.
If I was looking for material for an RDD I'd visit the local
construction site. A fairly common moisture density gauge contains 8mCi
of Cs137 (50 times the amount suggested for the GAO case, plus a 40mCi
Am241/Be neutron source. They lose about two or three a month according
to the NRC reports. 
One (serial No.15636) was stolen in Virginia in1997 and turned up on
eBay about a week ago! It was returned to its original licensee. The GAO
report just shows that the system works, a minimal amount of material
was detected and the identity of the persons involved was established.

Robert Atkinson. 

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