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Apparently he did not wear it because only after presenting to the physician 3 weeks after the event was the dose estimated by exposures of a phantom and by determination of chromosome aberrations in his lymphocytes. 

As a German I am not familiar with Belgian radiation protection regulations.

According to the site plan as displayed at the given URL I can envisage that ordinary personnel operating the sterilisation facility would not be classified as radiation workers since under nominal operating conditions with a twofold redundant safety system any (even low level) exposure might be considered as impossible. Hence they would not be required to wear dosimeters, similar to the colleagues in our laboratories who use an X-ray machine in a separate secluded irradiation room where the doors cannot be opened without breaking the high-voltage supply. 

Whether the victim belongs to e.g. the maintenance staff which surely would be classified as a radiation worker can be surmised but this has not been disclosed till now.

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>The senior employee in full compliance with the safety regulations shortly
>inspected the irradiation room


Was the employee required to have a dose meter?

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