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Sandy Perle sandyfl at earthlink.net
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The Council on Ionizing Radiation Measurements and Standards (CIRMS) 
will hold its 15th annual meeting at the National Institute of 
Standards and Technology (NIST) in Gaithersburg, Maryland, October 23 
to 25, 2006.  CIRMS is an open forum that promotes dialog amongst its 
three main constituencies: industry, academia and government. CIRMS 
President, Professor Mohamad Al-Sheikhly of the University of 
Maryland, stated the theme for this year´s meeting is the 
Implications of Uncertainties in Radiation Measurements and 
Applications.  A balanced agenda for the meeting was developed at a 
CIRMS Executive Committee meeting held at NIST on March 14.  
Highlights of the forthcoming meeting are:

oA banquet honoring two pioneers in radiation science and 
technology: Dr. Marshall Cleland, the accelerator inventor and co-
founder of its manufacturer, Radiation Dynamics, Incorporated, a 
subsidiary of Ion Beam Applications, and Dr. Joseph Silverman, 
professor emeritus at the University of Maryland, one of the leaders 
at the forefront of radiation chemistry.  

oThe presentation of the CIRMS Caswell Award for Distinguished 
Achievements in the Field of Ionizing Radiation Measurements and 
Standards to Mr. Kenneth Swinth.  Ken has led the CIRMS program 
agenda in radiation protection, being a chairman of the Radiation 
Protection subcommittee, as well as serving on committees in 
standards organizations in this area. 

Travel grants to attend this meeting are available for students on a 
competitive basis.  Information on CIRMS can be found on its web 
site: www.cirms.org, which has links to the presentations from last 
year´s annual meeting and to the fourth issuance of the CIRMS 
triennial report on Needs in Ionizing Radiation Measurements and 
Standards.  This report also contains information on the history and 
background of CIRMS, its mission and objectives, as well as detailing 
many specific areas requiring program work in radiation measurements.

To facilitate dialog between academia, government and industry, CIRMS 
rotates its officers amongst these constituencies.  Assisting Prof. 
Al-Sheikhly are First Vice-President Shawna Eisele of the US 
Department of Energy´s Los Alamos National Laboratory and Second Vice-
President Dr. Manny Subramanian of Best Medical International.  The 
CIRMS Science and Technology Committee is composed of subcommittees 
which address radiation related issues in Medical Applications (as 
nuclear medicine), in Radiation Protection (as occupational 
protection), including matters of interest in Homeland Security (as 
emergency response), and in Industrial Applications and Materials 
Effects (as medical device sterilization).

Additional information on this year´s meeting will be posted on the 
CIRMS web-site as it becomes available or can be obtained by 
contacting the CIRMS Executive Secretary, Katy Nardi at 
knardi at cirms.org or phone/fax: 770-622-0026.   

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