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Using a National Geographic article as a tool for educating interested laymen on Chernobyl and its sequelae and on nuclear power is indeed a good idea - in particular in the US. Since however I myself and probably several others do not subscribe to NG, would you mind to point out the one serious error you found? Could you also provide the full reference to the two articles you mentioned?

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I just received by snail-mail my copy of National Geographic of April 2006.
It contains an article on "Inside Chernobyl" and another one on "Nuclear
Power Reconsidered". Until now I have only been able to read the first one.
It contains actually what the Chernobyl Forum published, gives information
which is directed to the level of the interested layman, and I found only
one severely wrong statement on those many pages. Should this journal not be
known among the RADSAFE community? I think that National Geographic is more
than well known in the USA, so pointing to it should be a better argument
than quarreling with "greens".

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