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Sandy Perle sandyfl at
Fri Apr 14 18:16:13 CDT 2006

On 15 Apr 2006 at 1:00, Franz Schönhofer wrote:

> Finally let me acknowledge that Sandy has not written any of these intended insults I mentioned above, but he could have clarified that he does not endorse them.

While I am not in favour of political discussions on Radsafe, there 
are cases where radiation, nuclear are associated. Since Franz posted 
this question to me, I will address just a few of Franz's comments.

(1) I rarely engage in political debate, be it on Radafe or 

(2) I only addressed the DU issue to defend against what I considered 
personal attacks on Bob Cherry and others in the forum.

(3) I do not defend US politics. I am personally against the Iraq 
war, was in favoru of going into Afganistan, and have no opinion 
whether or not any country or coalition should initiate an offensive 
action against Iran. I believe in intense negotiations first. I also 
don't believe in unilateral intervention by a single country. If 
there is a world problem, then the world should act in the best 
interest of the world.

(4) I believe that N. Korea is a issue to contend with, but as with 
Iran, I am not for unilateral or pre-emptive intervention at this 
time. If circumstances change, so do options

and finally, I don't want anybody to construe from any dialogue 
observed on Radsafe that I am bigoted towards any single group, 
minority or religious persuasion. With respect to the moslem world, I 
have many friends and colleagues from that cultural background. They 
know me and they know that I respect their beliefs and their right to 
practice their religion. 

More importantly, the radicals are the ones to be dealt with. It 
doesn't matter what nationality or religion they espouse. A radical 
is a radical and a radical can always be a danger to the world 

I think I addressed Franz's comment and will consider this to be a 
closed discussion. I will be happy to discuss in a private venue at 
anyone's request.

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