[ RadSafe ] [DU-WATCH] "Today, Senator Maria Cantwell sent a letter to Donald Rumsfeld on ... (DU) aerosols, NPI has learned."

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Sat Apr 15 01:42:14 CDT 2006

> From: "R Rands" <rrands at bigpond.net.au>
> Date: Sat, 15 Apr 2006 09:56:04 +1000
> Subject: [DU-WATCH] "Today, Senator Maria Cantwell
> sent a letter to Donald Rumsfeld on  ...  (DU)
> aerosols, NPI has learned."
> Friday, April 14, 2006
> Cantwell sends letter to Rumsfeld demanding answers
> on depleted uranium
> Today, Senator Maria Cantwell sent a letter to
> Donald Rumsfeld on the 
> question of medical research on servicemembers
> exposed to depleted uranium 
> (DU) aerosols, NPI has learned.
> David Edelman, who has put a lot of energy into
> researching this, explains:
> The core of the letter relied on questions that Dr.
> Tim Takaro and I framed 
> after a month-long examination of the Department of
> Defense's so-called 
> "Capstone Study." I have been assured that Sen.
> Cantwell's commitment to 
> this issue will extend beyond this letter. I hope to
> have more news in the 
> near future.
> While this letter is not the end of the depleted
> uranium issue, it is an 
> accomplishment that comes after a great deal of
> work. In particular, I'd 
> like to recognize Dr. Tim Takaro of Simon Frazier
> University, without whose 
> help this letter would not have been possible.
> I'd also like to thank task force members Amy
> Hagopian and Aaron Katz 
> (University of Washington) and Alice Woldt (36th
> District Democrats) for 
> their support, advice and practical help.
> In addition, I like to thank the following for their
> support: Kelley Bevans 
> (36th District Democrats, Issues Chair); Peter House
> (36th District 
> Democrats, Chair); Jason Bennett (36th District
> Democrats, Executive Board 
> member); Ken Kadlec (Legislative Aide, Rep.
> McDermott's office, and 43rd 
> District Democrats); Judith Shattuck (45th District
> Democrats, Executive 
> Board Member); Washington Physicians for Social
> Responsibility; the 45th 
> District Democrats; the 43rd District Democrats; the
> Washington State 
> Democratic Central Committee and its Progressive
> Caucus; and Democracy for 
> Washington.
> I would also like to thank the hard-working members
> (current and former) of 
> Sen. Cantwell's staff: Lisa Cipollone (former King
> County director); Bill 
> Dunbar (former State director); Layth Elhassani
> (former Legislative Director 
> for Foreign Affairs); Jennifer Griffith (Deputy
> Chief of Staff and 
> Legislative Director); Kurt Beckett (Chief of
> Staff); and Jonathan Hale 
> (Legislative Director for Foreign Affairs).
> Finally, I would like to express my deep gratitude
> to Sen. Cantwell for 
> demonstrating her commitment to this critical issue.
> We applaud Senator Cantwell for sending this letter.
> We hope she will 
> continue to demonstrate to progressives that she
> does care about these very 
> important matters. 
Anyone know anything about any of the members of this "dedicated" group.. intriguing that the message has gained its legs from arch-activist in Australia.  Anyone in Australia know anything about Robert Rands?

Roger Helbig

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