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That's just the problem...that one region...... and we [The US] are not doing much to stop the proliferation of WMD's in ....that one region...... Iran is the most active state sponsor of terrorism....but our foreign policy is so off base on this issue that stopping Iran is either going to be up left up to the Russians or a couple of Tomahawk's with a penetrator warheads. Sad state of affairs.......BTW in case many have not been following there are some 40 other Countries that can go nuclear in a short period of time if they wanted too..... 

Sandy Perle <sandyfl at> wrote: On 14 Apr 2006 at 14:59, John Jacobus wrote:

> As for living in a different world, I suggest you
> consider the evil doers of the past: Hitler, Attila
> the Hun, the Rape of Nan-king, etc.  Have the world
> changed?  Or just how efficiently we can kill each
> other?


Yes, there is continual evil in the world, and they are getting 
better at it. Unfortunately now it's not simply an evil individual, 
but a significantly evil region of the world that would like the rest 
of the world to follow its precepts. I am not implying that all are 
like this, or in favour of this world changing culture, but there is 
a significant population that does. 

In any event, would it make sense for these areas to now obtain the 
ultimate in mass destruction, with the ability to deliver those 
weapons anywhere they so desire? I don't think the world is ready to 
accept that risk.



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