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Haleem, Mahmoud S. HALEEM at cua.edu
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Relax Mr. Stabin; it was meant for other list serve, anyway, I may
connect the doted lines so you can see the connection. 
REMEMBER MR. STABIN that islrael possesses the largest nuclear weapon
stockpiles after the U.S.A and Russia and as long as the Palestinians do
not have their full rights the struggle will go on until that racist
state called islrael is defeated and the consequences will fall on the
U.S.A. which always gave the Zionist state it endless support through
your tax dollars.  Look what did we get?  Iraq war (depleted uranium),
next may be war with Iran, higher oil prices, more terrorism, Moslem
across the globe look at the U.S. WITH suspicion.  Politics is the crux
of everything in this globe.  Remember the Manhattan project?  What was
its driving force?  POLITICS!        

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>This post has absolutely NOTHING to do with Radsafe. NOTHING to do with
radiation issues. NOTHING to do [even tangentially as is sometimes seen]
with alternate energy supply issues vs. nuclear power.

Agreed. The coefficient of cheesiness on that one was 1.000000.
Completely disingenuous, and by someone who complained the day before
about the use of the list for political purposes. Pro- or anti-Israel,
the US, etc. is not the issue, it's whether there is any content
whatsoever that has to do with radiation safety. Use of nuclear weapons
as WMDs is on topic, this was not.


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