[ RadSafe ] Action From Moderator to Preserve Integrity of Radsafe

Dimiter Popoff didi at tgi-sci.com
Wed Apr 19 10:35:13 CDT 2006

So what now, we got one totally off-topic message by a guy who
was obviously annoyed by the previous Iran-USA messages, which
were not that many either, and here are the redisciplining voices
What exactly do you suggest, warning message from the moderator
to the offender? I bet 10:1 Marcel has already done it.
Ban the guy because he posted a message? If this will be applied
to everyone most if not all of the frequent - and not so frequent - posters
(myself included) will have to be banned. 
You can have the same effect by unsubscribing
from the list - in either case it will generate no messages for you.
I keep on wondering why grown up people keep on looking
for the master to impose discipline on those they don't like.


Dimiter Popoff               Transgalactic Instruments


>  -------Original Message-------
>  From: Claude Laney <cflaney at bellsouth.net>
>  Subject: [ RadSafe ] Action From Moderator to Preserve Integrity of Radsafe
>  Sent: Apr 19 '06 17:22
>  I recommend the Radsafe list moderator take action to preserve the integrity
>  of this server so it may continue to be used as it was intended.
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