[ RadSafe ] Re: radsafe Digest, Vol 39, Issue 15

Jeffrey J Hoffman hoffmanj at dteenergy.com
Sat Apr 22 07:09:21 CDT 2006

Most, if not all lawyers will tell you the "Standard level of care" is the single most important legal responsibility when dealing with any tort law.  In a tort lawsuit you will be charged for a wrongful act for which a civil action will lie against you , unless there is a breach of contract.  
In this case of "As Low As Reasonably Achievable" (ALARA), it becomes a regulation or framework for a guideline.  ALARA is not the standard level of care, the regulation is.  If our industry, which for me is nuclear power ever admitted that ALARA is the standard level of care then there is no bottom.  We would be forced to reduce every iota of exposure no matter how low or what the cost might be.  And that, in turn would bring even larger numbers of tort lawsuits against us until our industry is snuffed out for good.
I personally happen to agree with Dr. Cameron and his theory of a little radiation is good for you.  Remember, a day without radiation is like a day without sunshine.
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