[ RadSafe ] ??? 40 year career of Douglas Rokke, Major (ret) US Army Reserve

Roger Helbig rhelbig at california.com
Sat Apr 22 07:26:55 CDT 2006

New Hampshire Peace Action advertises their speaker as follows:

Breaking the Silence: A Survivor of Depleted Uranium Poisoning Tells His Story. Please join us to hear Dr. Doug Rokke, an expert on DU and a victim of DU poisoning, speak about the U.S. Army's use of DU in Iraq, its harmful effects, and what we can do to raise awareness in our communities about this dangerous weapon and its effects on our troops and Iraqi civilians. Dr. Rokke's forty year military career included combat duty during the Vietnam War and Gulf War I.  He is a former director of the U.S. Army Depleted Uranium Project

The Fourty Year Career is rather odd use of math!

1967-1971 - USAF Enlisted aircraft maintenance .. may have flown one or more missions as aircrew maintenance man on B-52 over South (not North) Vietnam.  No Combat Decorations; never shot at!

1980 - 1986 - Illinois National Guard - enlisted medic

1986 - Commissioned 2nd Lt, Army Reserve Medical Service Corps

1990 (November) First Lieutenant - Ordered to Active Duty for Desert Storm
1991  (June) . Released from active duty from post Desert Storm - No combat decorations, never shot at!

1994-95  Captain 1 Year voluntary active duty tour Fort McClellan, Alabama - where he claims he was the Director of the Army Depleted Uranium Program 

2003 - Assigned to Retired Reserve //

Now, since when does this equal 40 year career .. at very least, he would have had to serve until next year, but he was placed in retirement due to failure to meet obligations, in 2003 .. 3 years ago.  He also did not serve at all from 1971 until 1980 .. so now we are even less than 30 years.  Of this 30 years, about 6 years were spent on active duty.  All the rest was in Illinois in the Guard and Reserve.

Now there are his other claims ..perhaps you can see that if he adds 10 years to his mainly reserve/guard career and claims to have served in combat when he did not, then perhaps his depleted uranium claims are equally bogus.  You owe it to your audience to make sure that you know that he really is what he says he is and not what he presents himself as being.

Roger Helbig

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