AW: [ RadSafe ] Cameron's refutation of "Alara Does Work"

Michael Bohan mike.bohan at
Tue Apr 25 19:06:02 CDT 2006

Hi John and RadSafers,

I thought that in science we need to look at the totality of the 
evidence, not hang our hat on any one analysis, no matter how respected 
the author.

The one thing I can say is that whether LNT is true or not, the 
magnitude of any effects at the levels we have painted ourselves into 
(especially with ALARA) are miniscule and not reasonable when 
considered against the costs incurred both monetary
and in lives lost by the inappropriate (ignorant) application of the 
LNT/ALARA concepts by people who should know better.

When things are fine and dandy, I tow the ALARA line as required by NRC 
regulations, but when real life and death patient issues arise in 
medicine, I have a tendency to: (Paraphrasing Rear Admiral Farragut at 
the Battle of Mobile Bay) "Damn the ALARA, full photon torpedos ahead!" 


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