[ RadSafe ] TLD Sensitivity

McMahan, Kimberly L. mcmahankl at ornl.gov
Wed Apr 26 11:37:16 CDT 2006

Please provide additional information.

Is this an actual difference you have seen, and over many instances of
luggage irradiation, or are you asking "in theory?"

Can you provide model numbers and/or suppliers?

There are too many variables at the moment, including the possibility of
selective shielding by the luggage contents (books, batteries,
whatever), if this question stems from a single instance.

Kim McMAHAN    ORNL External Dosimetry

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Is there a basis for a difference in sensitivity of whole body and wrist
TLDs to X-rays from the security systems for checked airline luggage?

Marvin M. Turkanis

marvintur at erols.com
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