[ RadSafe ] In Soviet Russia, you enlighten p-versus-T diagram of uranium-oxygen system

James Salsman james at bovik.org
Fri Aug 11 20:11:22 CDT 2006


Thank you for your questions:

> Can you clarify and or elaborate on your sentence in which you state,
> "It isn't detected because when it condenses, for the portion that does
> not remain dissolved in air, it decomposes almost entirely to U3O8".
> Specifically I don't understand what you trying to communicate when
> you write about  "the portion that does not remain dissolved in air".
> Are you referring to the gas that has condensed into U3O8 AKA "solid
> matter" and being relatively heavy falls out onto the earth...?

Yes.  The portion that does remain dissolved in air would seem to
diffuse on a schedule very much in line with Chris Busby's claimed
detections. I guess we won't know until the UK provides actual data
backing up their claims that the detectors Busby was monitoring
were anomalous and there weren't other aerial uranium spikes at
other detectors, but so far nobody in the UK government has actually
backed up those claims, as far as I know.  That hasn't stopped
people essentially calling Chris Busby a fraud here on RadSafe recently.
Time will tell.

> Whats wrong with " the military not measuring the gas combustion products"?
> Why can't they just simple measure the fallout from the condensed gas and
> work out from that data the environmental damage?

Because the toxicological profile is different for gas inhalation, and since
gas diffuses through the air at much different rates than aerosol dust, it's
easy to inhale the gas without slowly-dissolving UO2 particles which will
show up in urine years later, which is why the urine isotope ratio studies
are useless and karyotyping (as in amniocentesis or biopsy) should be
used instead. The amount of uranyl compounds that can cause kidney
damage is a lot greater than insoluble uranous compounds, but the uranyl
compounds end up being absorbed in cellular nuclei of gonocytes, liver,
and white blood cells, where they eat away at DNA, apparently without
causing much cancer for one or two decades, but playing havoc with other
things, and increasing birth defects.

James Salsman

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