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This may be of interest.

"The Adsorption of Argon, Krypton and Xenon on
Activated Charcoal."

Health Physics. 71(2):160-166, August 1996.
Underhill, Dwight W. 

Abstract: Charcoal adsorption beds are commonly used
to remove radioactive noble gases from contaminated
gas streams. The design of such beds requires the
adsorption coefficient for the noble gas. Here an
extension of the Dubinin-Radushkevich theory of
adsorption is developed to correlate the effects of
temperature, pressure, concentration, and carrier gas
on the adsorption coefficients of krypton, xenon, and
argon on activated carbon. This model is validated
with previously published adsorption measurements. It
accurately predicts the equilibrium adsorption
coefficient at any temperature and pressure if the
potential energies of adsorption, the micropore
volume, and the van der Waals constants of the gases
are known.

--- Cehn at aol.com wrote:

> Years ago, I was involved in noble gas clean-up at
> nuclear power  plants.  
> Activated carbon is used to hold up noble gases for
> decay.   That is, the carbon 
> traps the gas then releases it, then traps it again.
>   The longer the filter 
> train, the longer the holdup.  So you can get a 
> temporary hold on Kr-85 with 
> carbon.
> Joel I. Cehn,  CHP
> 1036 Hubert Road
> Oakland, CA  94610
> 510.268.1571
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> RadSafe,
> Is it  possible to capture krypton-85 gas using
> activated carbon or other
> filtration  methods?
> thank you
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>From an article about physicians doing clinical studies: 

"It was just before an early morning meeting, and I was really trying to get to the bagels, but I couldn't help overhearing a conversation between one of my statistical colleagues and a surgeon.

Statistician: "Oh, so you have already calculated the P value?"

Surgeon: "Yes, I used multinomial logistic regression."

Statistician: "Really? How did you come up with that?"

Surgeon: "Well, I tried each analysis on the SPSS drop-down menus, and that was the one that gave the smallest P value"."

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