[ RadSafe ] 20 uCi Radium Check Sources

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As Kentucky is an agreement state you need to look at the local
It looks like the licence exempt limit for Ra226 is 0.1uCi. As NORM,
Ra226 does not come under the NRC's remit, but this is set to change.
Production of Radon can cause capsule rupture, it depends on the
Radium is very radio-toxic and due to radon emanation it can cause
widespread contamination. The EPA recently spent several million dollars
"cleaning up" an old aircraft instrument storage facility in LA.
Here in the UK the status of Ra226 luminised items is a little vague and
there appears to be no authorised disposal route for Ra226. 

Just my personal view,

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I have an opportunity to acquire two 20 microcurie Radium API traceable 
calibration sources, but I am concerned about the Radium content.  Can
of you experts educate me on why a small sealed Radium source is such a
deal?  I am told there are regulatory concerns, and I am told that
of these puny little 20 microcurie sources could cost many thousands of 
dollars.  I am also told that the Radon produced inside the source
could cause leakage; is there any truth to this last concern.

Thanks in advance for any information you may be able to offer.

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