[ RadSafe ] A sad day indeed

Flanigan, Floyd Floyd.Flanigan at nmcco.com
Tue Aug 29 11:51:27 CDT 2006

C'mon George. It's not so bad. This is a great place for the crack-pots
to get it off their respective chests and a chance for us to return
fire. We seldom get the chance to shoot back in the popular media. If we
say something which is rational and lacks dramatic content, we are
edited out of the 10 o'clock news. At least here, we have an open floor
and everyone gets a chance to defend their position. With freedom comes
freedom of speech ... sometimes this is unfortunate. There should be
some sort of qualification matrix met before people are allowed to
expound on some subjects, but then again, that would squash the minority
opinion, should it be held by non-experts and thus, deny them an
opportunity to broaden their knowledge base. Things are what they are.
Professionals like you and I are the buffer in many cases. We are
obliged to step in and provide the proverbial voice of reason when the
muck gets too thick. We are, therefore, necessary ... and isn't that
what it all comes down to in the end? Don't be an escapist. Step up to
the frickin' plate and weigh in when needed. Stand toe-to-toe with the
responsibility we all took on when we decided to do this for a living.
Like it or not, these chuckle-heads need you and all of the wonderful
stuff you've packed into that melon of yours over the years. Acquiesce
to wade through the mire of misinformation and help lead the way to a
better informed public. In a nutshell ... Rock what ya' got Bro. People
need to hear what you have to say.

Floyd W. Flanigan B.S.Nuc.H.P.

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I have now relegated incoming RADSAFE to my Junk Mail folder.  For some
now, it has ceased to be a functional radiation safety listserver and is
dominated by a few Nurse Ratchets in the Cuckoo's Nest.  A sad day

George J. Vargo, Ph.D., CHP
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