[ RadSafe ] Vitamin R : Radiation induced immune response DETERS spread of cancer

howard long hflong at pacbell.net
Wed Aug 30 10:58:21 CDT 2006

Prof Cohen's mind-boggling numbers (70% of USA population), enabling error bars used as points (to plot county lung cancer rates against 1/4 picoCurie/l radon levels)
  is historic in its "discrepancy" with any linear theory of radiation damage. Money spent for ALARA with radon is harmful. Cohen's work clearly shows more lung cancer where less radon, unchanged even after 100+ confounders calculated.
  I believe that, with the Taiwan Apt and NSWS data, it also shows a cancer- causing and life-shortening deficiency of radiation for most of the USA population and a need for public health action to increase "Vitamin R", the "essential trace energy"  of Cameron. It is better proven than beri-beri neuritis and heart failure was shown to be related to wheat whitening.  As with Vitamin B1, thiamine, public health should replace the missing nutrient, perhaps with thorium sand or uranium ore in homes. 
  Howard Long MD MPH  

"Bernard L. Cohen" <blc+ at pitt.edu> wrote:
  If it is practical to increase one's exposure by about 5 mrem per year, 
would someone tell me how to do it?
I did turn off my radon reduction system, but I refer here to whole body 

John Jacobus wrote:

>How so? If individuals make a claim of risk or
>benefits, one would ask if they follow their own
>advice. According to Jim Muckerheide he challenged
>the committee that reported on the risks of radon in
>the home if the members themselves had radon testing
>done in their homes. 
>Personally, I have not worried about my exposures to
>low doses of ionining radiaton. I fact, I turned in my
>doimeter several years ago as my exposures never
>exceeded 100 mrem in a year. Actually, I think that
>the total was not even 100 mrem in five years.
>You may not like my position or comments, but how is
>the question inappropriate? If you think radiation
>exposure is beneficial, what are you doing to improve
>your health?
>--- "Syd H. Levine" wrote:
> 2. If radiation is so beneficial, what have Drs.
>>>Pollycove and Feinendigan done to enhance their
>>>radiation exposures? Have they moved to areas
>>where there is more background radiation?
>>> >>>
>>Employing such a classic logical fallacy should be
>>beneath you John. I have 
>>seen you do this several times, and it is revealing
>>as to the quality of 
>>your argumentation.
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