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I believe Hal refers to RSICC DATA LIBRARY DLC-129 entitled, "ANS643:
ANS-6.4.3 Geometric Progression Gamma-Ray Buildup Factor Coefficients."

This computer code seems to have been written/authored be the Japanese and
also by ANSI.

In my experience, the RSICC "sells" ("licenses") each computer program for
about $800 each and insists that it not be copied, re-distributed or used by
more than one individual.  RSICC acts as if it owns the copyright to the
software it lists, but I think it does not.

Has anyone else had the experience of being charged hundreds of dollars by
RSICC for software it neither wrote, tested (beyond determining if it runs
on a particular operating system), supported, copyrighted or guaranteed?

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Or see Oak Ridge data library collection DLC-129, Daniel.  You really don't
need the program as an excel workbook with the data library can be built to
do the job.  Generally it can get you pretty close to where you want to go.

Hal Careway

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