[ RadSafe ] Buildup factor for compounds

Dick Granberg dgranber at net-link.net
Thu Aug 31 12:12:23 CDT 2006

I think Varskin 3 is a perfect example of this situation with RSICC.

Dick Granberg

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> Radsafers,
> I believe Hal refers to RSICC DATA LIBRARY DLC-129 entitled, "ANS643:
> ANS-6.4.3 Geometric Progression Gamma-Ray Buildup Factor Coefficients."
> This computer code seems to have been written/authored be the Japanese and
> also by ANSI.
> In my experience, the RSICC "sells" ("licenses") each computer program for
> about $800 each and insists that it not be copied, re-distributed or used 
> by
> more than one individual.  RSICC acts as if it owns the copyright to the
> software it lists, but I think it does not.
> Has anyone else had the experience of being charged hundreds of dollars by
> RSICC for software it neither wrote, tested (beyond determining if it runs
> on a particular operating system), supported, copyrighted or guaranteed?
> Thanks,
> Wes
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