[ RadSafe ] radilogical postings

Doug Coble dcoble at chaseenv.com
Fri Dec 1 07:30:32 CST 2006

> To all,
> I am currently revising and updating my companies procedures to meet the 
> requirements set forth in 10 CFR 20. The current procedure that I am 
> working on is for Posting and Labeling of radioactive materials and areas 
> based on conditions.  In my past experience, I recall that there was a 
> hierarchy for posting areas with multiple hazards.  I would like to put 
> this in the procedure. My question is; is there a credible reference 
> available that delineates the hierarchy for posting?  Example: An area or 
> room is an airborne radioactivity area, a high radiation area, and a high 
> contamination area.  Which hazard should be listed on the posting first, 
> second, and third?
> Additionally, are there any non DOE regulations, technical positions, or 
> other references that define a contamination area, or high contamination 
> area?  Under 10 CFR 20, these particular postings do not appear to be 
> recognized or required.
> Thanks in advance,
> D. Coble

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