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John R Johnson idias at interchange.ubc.ca
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Good question, Joel

I don't know the answer but it may be in one of the following reports

Radiation Risks and Uranium Toxicity, A Brodsky, RSA Publications, 1996

A Review of the Scientific Literature as it Pertains to Gulf War Illnesses
Harley et al RAND, 1999

Depleted Uranium Sources, Exposure and Heath Effects, World Health
Organization, 2001

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Here's a licensing question for the group:  what happens to licensed  DU
after it is used as military  projectiles/penetrators?  The  stuff can and
turn up in D&D operations long after the DU rounds  were fired.  Is the
once licensed, always licensed?  Has anyone  addressed this question with
to DU?

--Joel C.
_joelc at alum.wpi.edu_ (mailto:joelc at alum.wpi.edu)
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