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Mon Dec 18 20:37:36 CST 2006


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       Dear Radsafe:

             Hope you all are quite well.  One source of information about 
       Flux densities as a function of altitude is given in Accelerator Health
       Physics (a book) by Patterson and Thomas.  You might want to remove
       the 1/Energy dependence in the data, so you can actually see the
       neutron peaks in the data.

             I think Paul Goldhagen of the EML (Environmental Measurements 
       New York City) has done Bonner Multisphere Spectrometer
       measurements in airplanes.  I suspect he also did some gamma
       measurements.  Try looking in Health Physics or other journals for his
       articles.  Day readings might be different than night readings???

            Happy Holidays!!!!

            Regards,      Joseph R. (Joe) Preisig, Ph.D.

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