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Tue Dec 19 00:46:49 CST 2006

At 08:44 PM 2006-12-18, Tosh Ushino wrote:
>Ladies and Gents, I haven't been following 
>RADSAFE for quite a while, and please excuse me 
>if someone else already responded with this. 
>There are couple of web pages that show solar 
>weather. The second one below has a plot of 
>3-days of 5-minute solar x-ray flux values 
>measured on the SEC primary and secondary GOES 
>satellites. http://www.spaceweather.com/ http://www.sec.noaa.gov/today.html

Hi, Tosh,

My plot of an LA to Chicago flight is now on the web:


It uses the CPM to µR conversion factor of Nominal cpm/mR/hr for Cs-137: 1490

uses a 7231 tube




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