[ RadSafe ] Airplanes, cosmic rays, DU, tritium and similar absurdities

howard long hflong at pacbell.net
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Counterweight may be more correct than ballast, as in an aircraft control surface.
  Weight, mass, (ballast) is minimized in aircraft to save fuel and allow more payload, but may be needed as counterweight to balance for minimum force by pilot, hydrolics, or electric motor to move a control surface. 
  Heavy DU would minimize volume and so reduce drag.
  Howard Long 

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  A reprieve!

Thanks Otto.




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I raise my hand as saying the word "ballast" instead of "counterweight" ....

According to my American Heritage Dictionary:

ballast: (n) 1. Any heavy material placed in the hold of a ship or the gondola of a balloon to enhance stability. 2. That which gives stability.

To me, ballast seems to be the correct term if the purpose is stability in an aircraft.

counterweight (n) 1. A weight used as a counter balance.

To me this is a balance between two forces as over a pulley. It does not seem to exactly apply to ships, balloons, or aircraft.


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