[ RadSafe ] Emergency Response -We're not the only ones facing overreaction!

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Hi everyone,
See the news report below about a supposed anthrax problem. Quick, call the 
Pillsbury Dough Boy or Betty Crocker to deal with the "emergency". Nice to 
know the flour found was not a biohazard!

So overreaction to potential hazards isn't unique to radiation. Is there a 
rock group called Sievert??

Happy holidays,

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Bioworry Sparked by Band Name, Flour

Emergency officials in one Arizona city thought they might have trouble upon 
discovery of a white powder near writing on a garbage bin seemingly 
identifying it as anthrax, United Press International reported yesterday 
(see GSN, Aug. 25).

Instead, they had flour and graffiti left behind by a fan of the heavy metal 
band Anthrax.  The anonymous tagger in Safford, Ariz., also expressed his 
appreciation in writing of hard-rocking bands AC/DC and Iron Maiden.
"We didn't get the connection with the band Anthrax at first," said Graham 
County bioterrorism coordinator Brian Douglas.

Empty flour bags were also discovered in the Dumpster, UPI reported.
"It went from an emergency to a nonemergency, but we decided to test it 
anyway," Douglas said.
Tests proved the powder did not carry anthrax, plague, tularemia, pox virus, 
meliodosis or ricin (United Press International, Dec. 20). 

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