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Sandy Perle sandyfl at earthlink.net
Sat Dec 23 12:27:16 CST 2006

On 23 Dec 2006 at 12:55, Cindy Bloom wrote:

> However, 
> it might be prudent to determine exactly what the exposure might have been 
> with measurements from that particular x-ray unit (if not already 
> done). 

Cindy, I do understand that you think this was mostly over-reaction, 
so, I am not implying that you agree that a medical exam was in 
order. Your point about knowing the exposure from the unit is well-
take. I expect that these units are tested on a periodic basis. I 
would also expect that if the exposure either increased or decreased, 
that there would be a adverse effect noted in the image quality. 
Therefore, in my opinion, there are indications of a systematic 
change. In the end, the possibility of any exposure that would have 
required a medical exam of the baby is 100% improbable. There isn't 
any chance that there was harm to this baby, and the taking of the 
baby to a medical facility was simply a over-reaction, and nothing 
more. The only harm from this incident is the honkering down of 
public opinion that radiation is bad, that X-ray units put out 
dangerous levels of radiation, and that is the most unfortunate 
aspect of this incident.

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