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Just to comment on Louis's statement about the TSA:  How many MILLIONS of
passengers get screened every year without an issue?  Perhaps 1 issue in
10,000,000?  What is an adult's responsibility in caring for a child?  All
of you have been through those lines at airports.  The same human
engineering that allows for so many to be screened also permits an
occasional mistake.  And I disagree that communication is an issue.  The
same checks take place all over Europe in a dozen languages!

At least in both Albuquerque and in Houston, there are TSA personnel that
speak the common languages encountered!

Dan ii

Dan W McCarn, Geologist
Houston and Albuquerque

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Discussing the airport baggage incident to the extent we do, without  really

learning or knowing that we are dealing with extremely low radiation  doses,

contributes to the anxiety level of those who don't know. 

Yes but the crux of the issue is that TSA and their folks on the ground and

in the terminal and higher up SHOULD have been able to educate the folks on 
the  ground that were involved. It's piss poor communications all over the 
Louis N.  Molino, Sr., CET
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