[ RadSafe ] Co 60 in home foundations for radiation hormesis!

howard long hflong at pacbell.net
Wed Dec 27 11:50:17 CST 2006

Dear John,
  Is your waistline larger than you believe healthy?
  We will be healthier when options are permitted that do not require recurring actions, such as not having to give frequent thought to supplement of "essential trace energy" (Cameron), by ordering Co60 or specific dose of nuclear waste in our house foundations.
  Happy New Year, all.
  Howard Long
John Jacobus <crispy_bird at yahoo.com> wrote:
  Dr. Long,
I think it is interesting that you promote radiation
hormesis, but do little to increase your own exposure
over the long term.

--- howard long wrote:

> John,
> Thank you for the fine-tuning (0.002 rem/chest
> x-ray over 0.001rem).
> My 3 sacks of KCl are here in my consultation
> room, 6' away, not close enough or active enough
> (double background at contact) to do much good. My
> wife doesn't want them replacing the mattress (nor
> do I).
> On them is the belt with thorium welding rods
> giving a hormetic dose of over 0.5 rem/yr - if I
> were to wear it, but it is too much trouble (heavy
> and bulky).
> I am promoting an essential trace energy
> (hormesis) experiment by Raabe et al at Carlsbad
> Caverns or LLNL Whole Body Counting Chamber
> (expensively very low background rad.) or in an
> enlarged lead brick whole body counting chamber like
> Helgeson Nuclear uses commercially.
> Howard Long
> John Jacobus wrote:
> Dr. Long,
> The effective dose of AP chest x-ray for an adult is
> about 2 mrem (0.002 rem)
> http://hps.org/documents/meddiagimaging.pdf
> Are you still sitting on your bags of KCl ice
> melting
> salt? I would expect the background exposure rate to
> be higher. 
> --- howard long wrote:
> > Numbers, Reuven? The airport screen has been said
> > here to be less than a chest x-ray (~0.001 rem?)
> My
> > counter here says 0.00001 rem/hr.background. 
> > 
> > Viva 10x USA background radiation for better
> > health!
> > 
> > Howard Long MD MPH (epidemiology and statistics.
> > 
> > 

On Nov. 26, 1942, President Roosevelt ordered nationwide gasoline 
rationing, beginning December 1. 

-- John
John Jacobus, MS
Certified Health Physicist
e-mail: crispy_bird at yahoo.com

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