[ RadSafe ] FW: [Rad_Sci_Health] Re: New Taiwan Study

Muckerheide, Jim (CDA) Jim.Muckerheide at state.ma.us
Fri Dec 29 12:45:11 CST 2006

Friends, FYI.

Regards, Jim

Isn't the most useful statistic the 40% reduction of all cancers for
those over age 30 exposed to a substantial amount (>50 mSv) over the
years? ( 50% reduction for solid cancers). This is in the table on page

If radiation prophylaxis is ever applied to a population, it would be
for those over age 30 certainly. I think that even though it ignored
mortality, this is a very helpful study and confirms the nuclear
shipyard worker study results.

Newspaper headlines should read "Adult Cancer Rate Reduced 40% by Low
Dose  Radiation," but you don't find this in the abstract.


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