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Fri Dec 29 13:17:11 CST 2006

"Errors of the second kind", errors of omission, damage far more people with vit D or A  deficiency, for example, than excess sun or prescribed Vit A or D.
  Data now suggests that insufficient radiation damages more often than excess.
  About 1 rem (CT dose) seems clearly in the beneficial range.
  45 years ago, I placed dental film around my x-ray room to seein there was scatter. With mirror and lead-lined door I protected my technician from any exposure. I still would, just as I would not expose patient to any dose of vitamin or medicine without knowledge and consent. More people will see in the data now, reason to want more "Vit R", which I do seek a convenient way to take (like measured dose from uranium ore under the bed). 
  See Hiserodt's summary book, "Underexposed: What if radiation is actually good for you?"
  Howard Long

John Jacobus <crispy_bird at yahoo.com> wrote:
  Dr. Long,

When you dispense or prescribe medication to a
patient, does it not entail some risk? Do you care
about exposing your patients to any additional risks?

Have you ever told your children, or told your
children to have their children exposured to more
radiation? If not, why not? Do you and your spouse
get more "Vit R," whatever that is?

--- howard long wrote:

> NO Injury is cited to support "RISK!"
> This misinformation may be depriving the children
> of "Vit R".
> It certainly gives unsupported fear of actually
> beneficial doses of radiation received in the course
> of Nuclear Power Installations, with job loss for
> HPs.
> Howard Long
> John Jacobus wrote:
> At
> Teaching parents about CT risks might pare
> unnecessary
> scans in kids
> 12/28/2006
> By: Eric Barnes
> Doctors rarely tell parents about the radiation
> risks
> associated with CT imaging of pediatric patients,
> and
> understandably so. Time is in short supply. The
> subject is complex, potentially troubling for
> parents,
> and could lead to overconcern -- even to the
> detriment
> of necessary imaging exams.

On Nov. 26, 1942, President Roosevelt ordered nationwide gasoline 
rationing, beginning December 1. 

-- John
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Certified Health Physicist
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