AW: [ RadSafe ] TMI - reported "metallic taste"

Jim Hardeman Jim_Hardeman at
Tue Feb 14 09:11:42 CST 2006

Tom *
We have the same situation at Plant Farley, where there's a big paper plant ~2 miles away. If you ask the folks who work there or live nearby about the smell, you get one of two responses. They either say "what smell?" or "that's the smell of money!". And yes, you can get a sulfur taste in your mouth since taste and smell are so closely linked. 
Good to hear from you!
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I was Director of the Pennsylvania radiation protection program  during the 
TMI accident and I did indeed have a metallic taste when I was outside around 
the plant.  I believe that the winds at the time were  blowing from the south 
and that the odor was coming from a paper plant well to  the southwest of TMI. 
It sure had nothing to do with  "fear."

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