[ RadSafe ] SI; Now or never?

John Jacobus crispy_bird at yahoo.com
Fri Feb 17 07:08:13 CST 2006

Consider the problem if you have two sets of wrenches
for working on your car, metric and English.  I do. 
How many people in European and Asian countries do?

I am still unit (and tool) "challenged."

--- Dimiter Popoff <didi at tgi-sci.com> wrote:

> I suspected something like that :-).
> My guess is that the radiation units are those
> taking about the
> least effort to switch. I doubt there are many
> people who
> grew up in the US and think millimeters rather than
> fractions
> of an inch, litres rather than gallons/pints
> (whatever....:-),
> kmph rather than mph etc...
>  The chip industry has made the move - they just
> specify
> dimensions both in millimters and inches, and, well,
> we all
> use Volts, Amps, Watts etc.
>  I do wonder how it is with temperatures. Those of
> the
> listmembers doing lab work must be used to degree
> Celsius (and/or
> Kelvin), however, when it comes to weather - do they
> still think
> Fahrenheit? My guess is they have developed a
> precise
> calculator to do the conversion a long time ago (I
> have
> to struggle every time I am confronted with degree
> F,
> although evenually I manage it... :-).
> Dimiter

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