[ RadSafe ] Exelon pledges help building water system in area of radioactive spill

George J. Vargo vargo at physicist.net
Tue Feb 28 11:02:41 CST 2006

About two weeks ago, I posted an article concerning Exelon's
implementation of a special surveillance program to detect deterioration
and prevent or mitigate environmental releases of tritium from its
nuclear fleet.  This followed the detection of elevated tritium levels
near their Byron, IL facility.  This is the next chapter.

As a preemptive comment, this has little to do with radiation
protection.  It has everything to do with PR damage control and
repairing relations with their neighbors.

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Exelon pledges help building water system in area of radioactive spill
GODLEY, Ill. An Exelon official says the company will help finance
construction of a public water system in the Will County village of
Godley, where radioactive tritium (TRIHT'-ee-um) was spilled several
years ago.

The Godley Park District found elevated levels of tritium in a shallow
well in 2002.

Exelon vice president Thomas O'Neill said yesterday that the
Chicago-based company would help build a new water system in Godley by
funding whatever costs aren't covered by federal, state or local

He says there's no evidence of tritium contamination in Godley wells.
But the company wants to help finance the project as an act of goodwill.

Exelon has come under fire recently over the release of wastewater
containing tritium at its Braidwood, Dresden and Byron plants.

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