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Fri Jan 6 07:42:32 CST 2006

Dear André,

Thank you for your interest in the titles of the Austrian bureaucracy!

I think I posted it some time ago, but here it is: MR iR is "Ministerialrat
im Ruhestand". "Im Ruhestand" means "retired". This would theoretically
involve the possibility to be reactivated even without my consent, but to my
knowledge this has never happened in the past. "Ministerialrat" is a title,
which literarilly would mean "Advisor to the Minister", it is the second
highest in the ministerial hierarchy. Before that I was "Hofrat",
literarilly: "advisor to the court", before that "Oberrat" ("superior
advisor"). For me "retired" does not mean that I sit at home reading papers,
watching TV and occasionally writing on RADSAFE, but rather that I have now
time to do scientifically seen what I am interested in and - believe me - I
am really busy!

Since it seems that many US Americans are proud of their titles when writing
to RADSAFE (CHP, MPH,.....) I thought I could put in mines as well. I do not
even use my PhD in everyday life and I do not know the titles of my maany US

Regarding the MPH I obviously had a wrong perception, simply because the MPH
was so close to MBA - the latter is advertised a lot in Europe and also
Austria, the courses are all private and prohibitively expensive and the
reputation of an MBA is in Europe extremely low. It might be better in other
parts of the world, where it seems to be important to attach a lot of upper
case letters to the name.

Best regards,

Franz (without titles)

Franz Schoenhofer
PhD, MR iR
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> Dear Franz Schönhofer,
> MR iR = master of irradiation??    ; )
> Grusse André Geerdink

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