AW: [ RadSafe ] Attention!!!!! Stop this sh it!!! TFP - next questions

LancerGT at LancerGT at
Sat Jan 7 08:53:23 CST 2006

While I may agree with Franz about his comments  regarding the validity of 
unrestricted access posts on the Internet, I also  find Radsafe discussions 
amusing and useful in many ways. Mr. Salsman  is nothing if not a gifted BS 
artist. I rarely read his posts first as  I am not generally given to understand 
them (the "what he say?" phenomenon), nor  do I possess the expertise to refute 
them in their entirety. I do however read  the responses to Salsman's posts and 
thoroughly enjoy the vetting of  them. I appreciate these responses and the 
opportunity to read the discussions  of others who may possess more knowledge 
than I in the areas at issue. My BS  detector is on and I do possess the 
capability of using it. The other mailing  lists are so boring, and save for the 
political deviations from radiological  protection science, I have always enjoyed 
the discussions on Radsafe. It  isn't just science, it's entertainment! 
Best Regards,
David Lawrence
PS Please refrain from using profanity directly -- it is unprofessional and  
unnecessary (in type, bold letters such as #!%&! are the equivalent). If you 
don't  believe me, try using them in an email to your boss and ask  for a god 
#&!#% raise because your pay is #!%&!. Better yet, try to be  nice about it and 
the results are usually  improved.

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