[ RadSafe ] What is happening to this list?

John Jacobus crispy_bird at yahoo.com
Mon Jan 9 08:02:17 CST 2006

I think it is important to hear other points of view,
even if you do not agree with them.  As I frequently
respond to questions raised by non-technical people, I
have found it helpful to understand where they are
getting their ideas from.  

You may consider using the delete key if you do not
want to read a message from a particular person or
subject line.  

--- Patrick Muldoon <pmuldoon at arc.nasa.gov> wrote:

> Can someone explain to me why our wacky friends from
> the 
> "anti everything we do" side of the house are
> allowed on 
> this list? I subscribe to this list as a
> professional 
> information resource and lately it's filled with
> whiney 
> psuedo-science garbage. I'm glad I also subscribe to
> the 
> AIHA list so I can read information that actually
> pertains 
> to my work. I think someone on the list once
> commented 
> that answering these people was like wrestling with
> a pig 
> - the pig likes it and you just get dirty. I agree.
> These 
> discussions will accomplish absolutely nothing. They
> have 
> long ago closed their minds to actual facts and
> comment on 
> this list only to satisfy some childish need for
> feeling 
> important. They are like the kid in the back of a
> high 
> school classroom who continually asks stupid
> questions of 
> the teacher trying to make the teacher look bad and 
> themselves important.
> Is anyone else as fed up as I am? I would really
> hate to 
> have to leave the list because we as a group have
> allowed 
> this irritating intrusion for so long. Am I in a
> minority 
> when I think these discussions are best taken to a 
> political debate list?
> Please, if you are one of the "anti" people, do not 
> comment on this. I am not talking to you I'm talking
> about 
> you. At this point I could care less what you have
> to say.
> Patrick Muldoon, CHP

"Never write when you can talk. Never talk when you can nod. And never put anything in an email."  - Eliot Spitzer, New York state attorney general

-- John
John Jacobus, MS
Certified Health Physicist
e-mail:  crispy_bird at yahoo.com

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