[ RadSafe ] What is happening to this list?

Patrick Muldoon pmuldoon at arc.nasa.gov
Fri Jan 6 13:28:57 CST 2006

Can someone explain to me why our wacky friends from the 
"anti everything we do" side of the house are allowed on 
this list? I subscribe to this list as a professional 
information resource and lately it's filled with whiney 
psuedo-science garbage. I'm glad I also subscribe to the 
AIHA list so I can read information that actually pertains 
to my work. I think someone on the list once commented 
that answering these people was like wrestling with a pig 
- the pig likes it and you just get dirty. I agree. These 
discussions will accomplish absolutely nothing. They have 
long ago closed their minds to actual facts and comment on 
this list only to satisfy some childish need for feeling 
important. They are like the kid in the back of a high 
school classroom who continually asks stupid questions of 
the teacher trying to make the teacher look bad and 
themselves important.

Is anyone else as fed up as I am? I would really hate to 
have to leave the list because we as a group have allowed 
this irritating intrusion for so long. Am I in a minority 
when I think these discussions are best taken to a 
political debate list?

Please, if you are one of the "anti" people, do not 
comment on this. I am not talking to you I'm talking about 
you. At this point I could care less what you have to say.

Patrick Muldoon, CHP

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