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Dear John:

Thank you for his pointer to NAVMED P-5055 (2001). 

Unless it is included implicitly in some of the other referred regulations (SF-xx) - and provided I am able to read bureaucratese in a foreign language, this document does nowhere prescribe the procedures which you invoked.

Every mentioning of "history" or "medical history" clearly pertains to that of the individual applicant. I cannot detect any explicit reference to hereditary parental or familial health risks in general and particularly not with respect to cancer proneness. 

Kind regards, Rainer


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Look under Section 2-4 "Standards" on page 15 at
I believed that the shipyards used the same guidance
document.  If it had a different title, I forgot what
is was. 

I know of a couple instances where individuals were
medically disqualified.

--- "Robert J. Gunter" <rjgunter at>

> Having been the recipient of many pre-employment
> physicals (civilian rad
> worker and the Navy version of the same), it has not
> been my experience that
> a doctor has any real say in what someone will be
> doing.  This is aside from
> the obvious case where a potential worker cannot
> function in a work
> environment or otherwise fails the physical.
> The most common failure I have seen is failure to
> qualify to wear a
> respirator.
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