[ RadSafe ] Ed Hiserodt on row Luckey vs. Kendall

Rainer.Facius at dlr.de Rainer.Facius at dlr.de
Sun Jul 2 08:00:16 CDT 2006


On page 130 of his book Underexposed, Ed Hiserodt reports about a "recent stir" between T. D. Luckey and G. M. Kendall with respect to Luckey's objections to missing/suppressed relevant information in:


Kendall G M, Muirhead C R, MacGibbon B H, O'Hagan J A, Conquest A J, Goodill A A, Butland B K, Fell T P, Jackson D A, Webb M A, Haylock R G E, Thomas J M, Silk T J. Mortality and occupational exposure to radiation: first analysis of the national registry for radiation workers. British Medical Journal 304#6821(1992)220-225

Can someone provide a pointer to public references where this exchange has been documented; or alternatively an E-mail address where I can contact Ed Hiserodt directly?

Many thanks in advance, Rainer

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