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Hi Ranier,

I'm easy to contact as I'm just lurking here in Maumelle Arkansas having a
few chuckles about the shipyard "healthy worker" debate between you, Howard,
John et al.  And finding more about thorium lantern mantles than I ever
wanted to know! 

The "recent stir" was only "recent" when I was writing those words in 1998
or 1999.  Sorry if that is misleading, but I did put a mention of this delay
in the Epilogue (that nobody reads, of course.)  The information came from
an interview with Dr. Luckey when he lived in Ft. Collins, CO. He now lives
in Lawrence KS.  I'm still in contact with him (and his daughter who lives
in next-door Little Rock) so I happen to know he is in Wyoming till next
Tuesday... and doesn't check email when away.  (Seldom if not away :-) I'll
pass your interest in the relevant information along to him unless you
prefer me not to.

Ed Hiserodt
hise at sbcglobal.net  

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On page 130 of his book Underexposed, Ed Hiserodt reports about a "recent
stir" between T. D. Luckey and G. M. Kendall with respect to Luckey's
objections to missing/suppressed relevant information in:


Kendall G M, Muirhead C R, MacGibbon B H, O'Hagan J A, Conquest A J, Goodill
A A, Butland B K, Fell T P, Jackson D A, Webb M A, Haylock R G E, Thomas J
M, Silk T J. Mortality and occupational exposure to radiation: first
analysis of the national registry for radiation workers. British Medical
Journal 304#6821(1992)220-225

Can someone provide a pointer to public references where this exchange has
been documented; or alternatively an E-mail address where I can contact Ed
Hiserodt directly?

Many thanks in advance, Rainer

Dr. Rainer Facius
German Aerospace Center
Institute of Aerospace Medicine
Linder Hoehe
51147 Koeln
Voice: +49 2203 601 3147 or 3150
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