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Cresson Kearney joined YC Luan's view, below. He wrote this 1999 Addendum on Hormesis to Nuclear War Survival Skills, free online at www.oism/ddp . 
  "None of the copies of Nuclear War Survival Skills, including this updated and expanded 1987 edition and other editions published before March 1999 have even mentioned hormesis. The hormesis concept states that low and high doses of an agent may have opposite effects. Although a high dose is harmful, a low dose may actually be beneficial, perhaps by stimulating the body's normal defense and repair mechanisms."
  "When I wrote the first edition of this book, which was first published in 1979, I knew about hormesis and believed it to be a valid explanation of a very important survival process. But I did not even mention hormesis. For I believed that if at the time I did so, then the CHANCES OF ANY U.S. GOVERNMENT ORGANIZATION ADVOCATING AND USING MY BOOK WOULD BE REDUCED TO ALMOST ZERO. (emphasis by Long) The idea of any radiation being healthful was unthinkable even to the most well educated people."
  "I still believe I made the right decision for the years before the 1990s, when the collapse of the Soviet Union greatly reduced the risk of a massive nuclear attack on the United States and increased the chances of much smaller attacks, especially by terrorists with few nuclear weapons."
  The facts proving the validity of hormesis are now overwhelming. Physicist T.D. Luckey's pioneering book, Radiation Hormesis, has become a recognized classic. And the studies of Bernard Cohen, PhD and other scientistshave unexpectedly revealed that Americans living in homes having "dangerous" rediation from radon and its daughter products have better health and live longer than comparable persons exposed to lower radiation levels. See Professor Cohen's IRREFUTABLE paper (emphasis by Long), "Test of the Linear-No-Threshold Theory of Radon Carcinogenesis for Inhaled Radon Decay Products, Health Physics, 68 (1995), pp157-174."
  "Those Americans who learn the facts about hormesis will be less likely to panic if subjected to light fallout from the explosion in the United States of a few nuclear weapons, or to become fearful if they learn that they are receiving larger than average radiation doses from radon and its daughter products in their homes." 
The purpose of any bureaucracy is self-perpetuation, as with LNT.
  Howard Long
yuan-chi luan <nbcsoc at hotmail.com> wrote:
  Dear Dr.Jane Orient:
  I am pleased you made a clarification about radiation.  I do wish to respone some points to it as I sincerely desire to give some different thoughts for all the health phsicists and hope they will benefit  human beings.
  DDP is very concerned the hazard of low-dose radiation,while I always say the low-dose-rate or chronic radiation (< 1 mSv or 100 mrem/hr) is always beneficial to human beings, and the high dose rate or acute radiation is only give off  to people in nuclear weapon attack or in a nuclear reactor accident (it is almost impossible to give off such radiation directly from today's reactor ) When a nuclear weapon detonates in high air, even in low air, the fission products in the fallout will move to a volumeous space, fall back on the ground in quite long time and turn to be chronic radiation, which will be beneficial to people. When the weapon detonates on the surface of ground or in undergroud, a crater will be produced, the fisson products will mixed with the earths and raise to the air and fall back on the ground, as the fisson products decay rapidly and the the earth could shield the radiation, the fallout might be already tunred to be chronic radiation. But I have to
 completely agree that a shelter is really important for nuclear defence, and to measure the radiation whether reduced to chronic radiation (<1 mSv or 100 mrem/hr) with dose rate meter is really necessary. Once when the dose rate is lower than 1 mSv.hr, the people might be encouragged to received such radiation which would reduced the cancer mortality rate of man as  a vaccine (  there is never a cancer vaccine discovered) The ground contamiated by the fallout of course is not necessary to do anything, the people could still receive radiation from the long high life isotopes in the earth and to have their cancer deaths prevented. You might laugh at me I am telling a wild story, but the clinic expeirment by about 10,000 residents living in the Co-60 contaminated apartments  for 22 years have shown just such results. 20 years ago, I and the retired vice director of the Institute of Nuclear Energy Research (INER) ever  wrote aslo a book similar to the  nuclear war survival
 skill prepared by ORNL, and we had been honored and given reward by the President of Taiwan,  Now we  have to change the facts in that book, if the AEC or other government organization still want to  use that book.for nuclear defence.  .          .. .   .  

Best regards
  Y.C.   Luan    Senior Scientist of NuSTA and Consultant of NBC Society in Taiwan
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 makes available materials from early U.S. government research on civil defense. Most important is Cresson Kearny’s book Nuclear War Survival Skills, originally published by Oak Ridge National Laboratory. Please see our website for a link to a free download: www.oism.org/ddp.
  I hope that Taiwan has better civil defense than the U.S.!

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