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      Howdy Radsafers,

            Diabetes and DU, huh???  What an interesting concept.

            Type II diabetes is probably a disease of food over-abundance.

            In the last several years I have had (now past tense) a problem 
     with elevated sugar levels and/or Type II (adult onset) diabetes.
     I believe this Type II diabetes can be controlled via several steps.
     (I am not a slender person, but my blood pressure is now OK, my
      Cholesteral level is excellent and my blood sugar level is much
      improved).  Before treating yourself for Type II diabetes, consult with
      your medical doctor.

           Step I is to cut down on your sugar intake.  If you are eating 
candy and/or
      cake, try to eliminate one of these or get to 50% of your original
      sugar intake.  Start drinking diet soda, diet drinks, low percentage 
(10 to
      20%) fruit juice.  Have an occasional non-diet soda. Using diet soda
      and products is essential.  Try to make your overall food diet more

           Step II is to have only 2 or 3 servings of caffeine products in 
any given
      day.  This includes coffee and/or cola drinks.  I once saw a
      recommendation for pancreatic health for 2-3 servings of caffeinated
      products in any given day.  I offer no scientific basis for all this, 
but have
      some knowledge that the pancreas is involved with insulin, sugar and
      all that.

           I am no longer on any Type II diabetes medication.

           Type I diabetes is a different disease, possibly with long-term
      organ weakening and/or destruction, possibly passed on from adult to
      child, etc.  If you have ever had to take your sugar level from your 
      and/or hand (several times a day), you know why you don't want to be a

           If you are a diabetic, please make sure you wear some kind of
      footwear when walking outside.  Otherwise nasty foot wounds do occur,
      and healing is slow and hard (callous???) tissue is very slow to
      regrow, if at all.  Trust me, you don't want wounds on the bottom of 
      your feet.

           So, if you are going to heal your Type II diabetes, talk to your
      physician first.   My results are for very low statistics (one person 
      and are not the result of any scientific study.   Questions, just e-mail

                Regards,          Joseph R. (Joe) Preisig, Ph.D.


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