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Dear Dr Jason Bolling,
Thank you for the effort in finding out the exact dose of  Ms.Mae Keane. It may probably be not appropriate to ask helpful details from her, as it  may infringe on her confidentiality rights. While it is proper to discuss the probability of getting cancer of a professional group, it is not so to discuss the case of an individual.
I  knew of  the survival of an embryo after being exposed to 20Gy. The exposure occurred when a woman who was pregnant under went intercavitory radiotherapy. I was told that the embryo survived with no abnormality. The latest I heard was that he married and raised a family. Can any one in the list do a bit of sleuthing to get more details? The exposure occurred in Italy. There was a scientific paper on it. I read it 30 years ago. I remember I asked about it to Professor Eric Hall.
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After reviewing the 98 page table from the reference, there is only one
case that exactly matches the parameters described below.  This is case
05-374 on Page 178 of the study.  Zero dose was listed for this case.

There are seven other cases that agree with the year of birth and the
year of first exposure but have exposure durations ranging from 3 weeks
to 17 weeks with doses from 0 to 1458 cGy.  They are:
Case        Total Dose from Ra-226 and Ra-228 (cGy)
01-101    0
01-351    0
03-564    20
03-722    29
05-049    45
05-103    15
11-016    1458

While going through the table I initially included about 50 cases as
being "close" to the three parameters.  A notable case from this subset
is case 03-499 which had a birth date of 1905, an initial exposure date
of 1924, but at 56 weeks of exposure, I felt was too far outside the
"couple of months" to be the Mae Keane case.  This case was the highest
exposed of this small group of 50 at 2660 cGy.

This would have been much easier and less prone to my error if the data
had been available in some kind of text format rather than a scanned
PDF.  Others are welcome to take a look at the data for themselves to
see if I missed anything.


Jason Bolling

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